3 July 2014

Action Beat ft.GW Sok, Trash Kit, Grimm Grimm, Silent Front, WEM, 9th August - The Lexington

Fllliiiiipppp! This is happening! 

We've only gone and flown over the founder and lead singer of The Ex of 30 years, GW Sok, to London to play a show with Action Beat. Action Beat for the non SNH vets reading, consist of 3-6 guitarists and 2-4 drummers at any one time (see attached pic), maybe more. And they'll be fronted by a genuine punk legend. All takes place on the 9th August, at The Lexington in London, and some cheap advance tickets can be grabbed here.

The supporting cast ain't too shabby either, in fact any one of these bands could headline the night in their own right, hence we're pretty chuffed to have got them altogether in once place. See for yourself -

We love Trash Kit. Formed in early 2009, they've been lighting up London, energising the UK underground with their raw performances. Trash Kit have a sound of their very own, it's both urbane and primal, drawing on the potential of punk and the naturalism of an internal folk music.


Another band we've followed for ages and delighted to have playing for us, Silent Front bring their brand of stop/start razor sharp post hardcore to The Lexington.

Remember SNH faves Screaming Tea Party? Grimm Grimm is lead man Koichi's multi-instrumental dreamscapes for the dreamers.

WEM's music ranges from the brutal to the beautiful. The sound palate is dark and uncompromising: at times a pounding dirge, at others ambient, spacious and meditative. Listen to WEM if you like Nick Cave, Swans and Einstuerzende Neubauten.

WHEN: 9th August 2014
WHERE: The Lexington, 96-98 Pentonville Rd, London N1 9JB

24 June 2014

Supports for Saturday at the Lexington

Word up! We've just added some ridiculously awesome-sounding supports to our night on Saturday with Remember Remember. 

First up - DOWNARD - Atmospheric two-piece rock combo that bashes out heavy distorto-riffs, math-slam drums and swirly voice confusion. Bitchin'

Second up - Dead Coast - surf rock and laid-back, blues- ridden psych beats - NME

We're really excited. Come party with us. Tickets are still available at

14 June 2014

Remember Remember - the Lexington - 28 June

We're very pleased and excited to announce the return of Remember Remember to London to celebrate the release of their 3rd album entitled "Forgetting The Present", which will be released through Rock Action Records

Remember Remember is the musical brainchild of multi-instrumentalist Graeme Ronald. Initially begun as a purely solo endeavour, evolving over the years into the 7-piece band it is today.

Their new album coming out in June, their third on Mogwai's Rock Action label, marks the occasion of their first London show in many years. Like Mogwai, their music is instrumental, has elements of krautrock, chamber pop, psychedelic, post-rock and systems music

It's been a natural, organic evolution that has got Remember Remember to where they are now and it's not gone unnoticed; they've been rewarded with glowing reviews and invitations to share the stage with bands and artists like Errors, The Pastels, Belle & Sebastian and Yann Tiersen. Where the band goes from here is beyond speculation, all that can be guaranteed is that it will always push the envelope stylistically, melodically and emotionally.

3 April 2014

In pictures - Thought Forms + SJ Esau + WEM - Birthdays - 27/03/14

Our last night was pretty special: the bands were kick-ass and we tried out Birthdays for the first time - which turned out the be a good decision: sound was great, staff were great. Everything was just GREAT- ok?! And you know what else is great? These:

Photos by Rebecca Hughes:

2 March 2014

Thought Forms, SJ Esau & WEM - 27 March 2014 - Birthdays Dalston

We are super excited to announce our next show with one of our strongest lineups we've ever put together. Thought Forms will take a day break from their UK tour with 65daysofstatic to headline our show at Birthdays Dalston on 27th March. Bristol based intergalactic pop maestro SJ Esau joins the bill, and WEM play their debut show.  Limited £4 tickets available here.

Since their initial formation in 2006, the three members of Thought Forms have together explored an ever-changing sonic terrain; harbouring a shared love of guitar abuse and pedal worship, they’ve developed a deep connection and transformed into one of the most exciting guitar bands in the UK.

Finding themselves at home on the acclaimed Bristol-based Invada Records, the band’s sound veers between two opposites; from brisk, scuzzy American garage-rock to brutal, anguished noise constructions of ethereal doom. With a psychedelic slant and vocals likened to a ritualistic call to on high, the scope of Thought Forms sonic arsenal is vast.

The group’s familial bond has aided them in making their mark live; tour support slots with Portishead, Esben and the Witch, Beak>, 65daysofstatic, and Chelsea Light Moving (Thurston Moore), and were hand-picked to take part in Adrian Utley’s Guitar Orchestra to perform Terry Riley’s minimalist masterpiece “In C”.

Seeing 2013 out with sets at both ATP “End Of An Era” Festival and Sonic City in Belgium, 2014 looks like it will be a busy year for Thought Forms, with European shows with 65daysofstatic and a third release for Invada on the way in the early part of the year.

Bristol-based, SJ Esau - otherwise known as Sam Wisternoff - makes experimental, inter-galactic pop. With jazz.

He has released two albums on Anticon Records (Wrong Faced Cat Feed Collapse in 2007 and Small Vessel in 2008) and various other recordings. These include two collections of remixes and cover versions of SJ Esau songs by various artists (Stop Touching My Cat and More Touching) on his own Enormous Corpse label and elsewhere.

If you like Architecture in Helsinki; Dirty Projectors; The Go! Team and Buttonhead, you might dig this.

WEM are four men from the Medway estuary towns in Kent. Their music ranges from the brutal to the beautiful. The sound palate is dark and uncompromising: at times a pounding dirge, at others ambient, spacious and meditative. It highjacks elements of blues, krautrock and noise.

WEM are an overpowering live act, with a new set of songs about death and open water. Listen to WEM if you like Nick Cave, Swans and Einstuerzende Neubauten.

Tickets are £4 in advance from

Birthdays Dalston,
33-35 Stoke Newington Road, 
N16 8BJ London

14 January 2014

In Pictures - Shinamo Moki + The Wharves + Mooncreatures

We put on another pretty excellent night last week - top bands, top crowd! Selection of highlights below!

Photos by Rebecca Hughes

2 January 2014

Savaging Spires + Shinamo Moki + The Wharves + Mooncreatures - 08/01/14 - Old Blue Last - Free

Happy New Year jabronis! We're so, so, so excited for 2014 - we've got some excellent shows lined up - the first of which being this one! Here's some more info about the bands - if you like what you hear, and are free next Wednesday - come down, say 'hi!!', buy a t-shirt, drink some beer, have a great time.

Savaging Spires are an improvisational pop band who record live to tape, and quite often to just cassette. Gathering around a single microphone, their songs are often elongated passages, fragments of potential songs that despite their fragile, bordering-on-the-edge-of-collapse approach, seem to create a force of sound that’s impossible to not be overwhelmed by.

Savaging Spires might not always be an easy listen, especially for a band built around simplicity of melody, and complexity of texture but are one of the most rewarding of sonic experiences.’ – Critical Heights

‘Shinamo Moki are electronic duo Auryn Tate Waring & Felix Treadwell.Originating from the south coast of England & combining their passion of 90’s Anime, Japanese contemporary art, nature & Eastern architecture with sparse synths & splintering, textural percussions to form a core to their sound’ – LastFM

The Wharves are ‘a three-piece whose beef comes from thick bass twangs offset against dramatic vocals fit for a grander setting than your iPod and spooky echoes…appropriate [for] Halloween’ SEXBEAT

'Moncreatures play epic and atmospheric reverb pop that gets lost somewhere between Low, Cocteau Twins and the more delicate moments of Explosions in the Sky. Hushed vocals are hidden beneath the icy guitar melodies and gentle drums patterns' - Brixton Buzz

Date: 08/01/14
Doors: 8pm
Cost: Free
Facebook: Click me

5 December 2013